It's a Social Media World

A Discussion on Digital Media & Communication Trends

Schedule of Events

Comm 306 Schedule of Events

August 21

Reading Due:

  • McArthur – Intro – Designing Online Credibility

Lab: Review Syllabus, Twitter & blogging setup

August 28

Reading Due:

  • Seitel – Chapters 1. 2. 3, 4

Assignments Due:

  • Blog 1: What is PR and how has it evolved since P. T. Barnum?
  • Blog 2: Describe the importance of public opinion and how it is used in PR management. What role does digital media play in public opinion?
  • Twitter Participation
  • Submit integrated communication project scenario

September 4

Reading Due:

  • Seitel – Chapters 5, 6, 15
  • McArthur – QR Codes & Investing in Digital Senior Citizens

Assignments Due

  • Blog 3: Using your experiences or coverage of the #DNC2012 describe the importance of ethics in public relations. How do legal concerns impact ethics and politics?
  • 1 blog comment
  • Twitter Participation

Lab: Traditional Versus Digital PR Basics – key messaging & press release writing techniques

September 11

Reading Due:

  • Seitel – Chapters 7, 8

Assignments Due:

  • Blog 4: How has digital communication changed the traditional press release?
  • Blog 5: How do different publics affect PR professional’s interactions with the media?
  • 1 blog comment
  • Press release lab

Lab: The Art of Story Telling – creating digital media narratives

September 18

Reading Due:

Assignments Due:

  • Blog 6: What are employee relations? In your opinion, has the recent economic downturn changed the relationship between employers and their employee public?
  • Twitter Participation
  • Final digital narrative

Lab: Integration is Key – how to build comprehensive marketing & communication plan part 1

September 25

Reading Due

  • Seitel – 11, 12, 13

Assignments Due:

  • Blog 7: What is the difference between community relations and consumer relations? How has the consumer movement and digital media affected both? What would Habermas think?
  • Twitter Participation
  • ICP Draft Lab

Lab: Take Out Your Measuring Sticks – why PR ROI is not an exact science

October 2 – No Class & No Assignments Due

October 9

Reading Due:

  • Seitel – 14, 16

Assignments Due:

  • Blog 8: How are international relations different from US relations? What pitfalls are important to watch out for?
  • 1 Blog Comment
  • Twitter Participation
  • ROI Lab

Lab: Global Communication Pitfalls – What happens when your communication needs to go global

October 16

Reading Due:

  • Seitel – Chapter 18
  • McArthur – Designing Consumer Communities

Assignment Due:

  • Blog 9: How has social media changed public relations? What public does this change benefit the most?
  • Twitter Participation
  • Global Memo

Lab: When Consumers Attack – How to track and respond to online social media complaints

October 23 – Lab Day Only – No Reading

Reading Due: N/A

Assignment Due:

  • Media Statement – Be Ready to Present
  • Twitter participation
  • Consumers Attack Lab

Lab: Lights… Camera… Media Training

October 30

Reading Due:

Assignment Due:

  • Key talking points
  • Twitter Participation

Lab: Press Conference 101

November 6 – Lab: Election Night Lab with Poli Sci

November 13 –

Reading Due:

  • Seitel – Chapter 19
  • Case Study: Penn State Sex Scandal

Assignments Due:

  • Blog 10: Define crisis communication. How is crisis communication different from traditional PR? How is it the same?
  • Press conference layout due
  • Twitter participation

Lab: Crisis Communication Simulation

November 20 – No Class – Thanksgiving Break

November 27

Reading Due:

  • Seitel – Chapter 20

Assignments Due:

  • Draft of your integrated communication plan
  • Twitter Participation

Lab: Review integrated communication plan in writing groups

December 4 – Lab Only – No Reading –

Lab: Curtain Call – Presenting your integrated plan

Assignments Due:

  • Blog 11: Use your final blog to discuss what you have learned and how you will use it to pursue your career goals.
  • Final Integrated Communication Plan
      • Rubric
        • Plan 150
        • Use of PR Principles & Theory – 50
        • Use of integrated tactics – 50
        • Use of new & lab examples – 25
        • Correct format and grammar – 25

    Correct format and grammar – 25

    • Final Blog Portfolio
      • Rubric
      • Blog Portfolio: 100
        Blog is formatted correctly with all assignments posted and uploaded in an easy to read fashion 15
        Home Page Bio 10
        Blog posts: Understanding of PR theory/ideas is exhibited by applying outside research and personal opinion. 25
        All original assignments are on the labs tab. 5 assignments are on the portfolio tab and the ICP plan is on the portfolio tab. (ICP can count as one of the 5, but does not have to) 10
        5 portfolio lab assignments have been updated based on feedback, are accurate and show mastery of the topics chosen 40
        Total 100
    • Integrated Plan Presentation
      • Rubric
      • Presentation: 50
        Professionalism & Attire – 10
        Situational Analysis – 10
        Use of theory and integrated tactics explained 20
        Use of PR presentation techniques – 10
        TOTAL 50

    No Final Exam Planned – I reserve the right to change this based on whether or not the class shows they have been reading.

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