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Quality Over Quantity Wins in Social Media Measurement


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I hear people talk about the elusiveness of social media measurement. These marketing managers or business people say,  “I could spend time and money on social initiatives if only they knew how to measure them.”

So, let me ask you a question. Do you understand your business? If you do, then you are more than half way there. Measuring clicks, comments, mentions likes, retweets and followers or fans only means something in the context of your business.

If you increase your followers by 100 during a campaign in the beverage industry and I increase them by 100 in healthcare we both had the same result right? WRONG! Followers are not equal. If I obtained 100 targeted followers my efforts yielded a much greater result then if I just obtained random people. Targeted interactions become social leads that can be engaged on another level through additional channels increasing the likelihood of conversion.

When setting your goals and measuring the return don’t focus on how many randoms you can obtain, especially in the B2B sector. One comment from the right lead could be your connection to the next million dollar account.

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