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A Passion for Analytics Ends #DYN on High Note

  1. Storify

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    Here we go! The last #DYN class. Monitoring and Measuring Success. Good Stuff!


    Mon, May 21 2012 18:18:42
  2. drgnfly0206
    great things happening for folks @QueensUniv in the #socialmedia class! #DYN


    Mon, May 21 2012 18:19:16
  3. Class Highlights

  4. AroraMedia
    “Not all followers are weighted equal. Making sure you have the audience you want is key.” – @kbconway1 #DYN #socialmedia


    Mon, May 21 2012 18:23:48
  5. AroraMedia
    “@Facebook has comprehensive #analytics. @Twitter requires third-party tools.” – @kbconway1 #DYN #socialmedia


    Mon, May 21 2012 18:26:39
  6. AroraMedia
    “Conversations are key… Create one-to-one interaction.” – @kbconway1 #DYN #socialmedia


    Mon, May 21 2012 18:32:05
  7. AroraMedia
    “ROI is not an exact science… Look at your traffic and see how it supports your goals.” – @kbconway1 #DYN #socialmedia


    Mon, May 21 2012 18:41:40
  8. SkipinCharlotte
    @AroraMedia discusses how interactions can be difficult to measure on #Twitter due to the lack of internal analytics. #DYN


    Mon, May 21 2012 19:04:47
  9. kbconway1
    3rd party aggregators like @Hootsuite can help make #Twitter data collection easier #DYN


    Mon, May 21 2012 19:05:00
  10. CourtenayWardel
    Might actually be able to make the analytics make sense! Thanks #DYN @kbconway1 @AroraMedia


    Mon, May 21 2012 19:12:11
  11. CourtenayWardel
    Love to pull stats for sales presentations on Social Media. Thanks #DYN for the intro.


    Mon, May 21 2012 19:54:11
  12. ShewMeister
    #DYN hootsuite is a centralized dashboard for all your social media accounts!


    Mon, May 21 2012 20:02:48
  13. Don’t Stop Learning Purchase Community 2.0 – At the intersection of digital media & information design

  14. kgstanley
    RT @kbconway1: #DYN @JAMcArthur ‘s book Community 2.0 is available on Amazon both digitally & in paperback. Buy here (updated link)…


    Mon, May 21 2012 19:40:16
  15. JAMcArthur
    Glad to see all the #DYN folks interested in Community 2.0! Enjoy the book:


    Mon, May 21 2012 20:26:33
  16. That’s A Wrap

  17. KING_ONE
    MT A fantastic resource for all SM professionals by @kbconway1: Check out the #DYN Interactive Toolkit available here


    Mon, May 21 2012 20:06:33
  18. CourtenayWardel
    @AroraMedia @kbconway1 #DYN Thank you for a great class. This has been a huge learning experience! @QueensUniv is very fortunate!


    Mon, May 21 2012 20:25:59
  19. ShewMeister
    So sad #DYN signing off… @AroraMedia @kbconway1 did a FANTASTIC job in teaching and entertaining!


    Mon, May 21 2012 20:26:05

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