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Digitizing Your Network Seminar Series Is A Hit With Students

  1. kbconway1

    #DYN Key Takeaways: 1. Figure out what success looks like to you cc: @QueensUniv @TheKnightSchool

    Mon, May 07 2012 19:59:33
  2. kbconway1
    #DYN Key Takeaways: 2. Know your audience cc: @QueensUniv @TheKnightSchool

    Mon, May 07 2012 20:00:56
  3. kbconway1
    #DYN Key Takeaways: 4. Spot trends using trend maps to join conversations

    Mon, May 07 2012 20:06:03
  4. Students reactions were extremely positive. Several people even created Twitter accounts onsite to join the conversation.
  5. drgnfly0206
    EXCELLENT class @QueensUniv, but Queens always delivers. #DYN @AroraMedia @kbconway1

    Mon, May 07 2012 21:33:12
  6. CourtenayWardel
    Thanks @AroraMedia @kbconway1 and #DYN group. Great session tonight. Excited for the next two weeks.

    Mon, May 07 2012 20:25:55
  7. mabrier
    #dyn I’m already getting more out of this than I expected!

    Mon, May 07 2012 19:17:32
  8. Stay tuned for Digitizing Your Network (#DYN) Session 2 – Connecting & Creating Your Brand in Social MEdia – Monday, May 14 at 6:00 PM.

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