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Biz Beware of the Google Plus Bandwagon

As a marketer Google+ was an interesting unknown quantity. As soon as I could, I signed up to check out the “social network destined to topple Facebook.” After looking around for a moment I realized how “lonely” Google+ felt. I had about 30 people who added me to circles right away and very few of those ever posted to the stream. Some posts remained in my stream for several weeks and there were only a handful of consistent users in my network. A network, I might add, that is filled with marketers, communicators, technologically savvy adopters and other industry peers.

This experience is the very reason why business should not use or even think about Google+ today as a viable communication vehicle. Sure it has 18 million user accounts and the number of users continues to grow (Mashable Report on Google+ Growth) , but there is very little usage occurring that would warrant a business spending time, money and valuable resources to learn and use Google+. Could they become a game changer? Maybe. But if they do it will be later, when Google Buzz is a long forgotten memory, when people aren’t concerned about privacy (after all Google is known for search) and when conversations are actually happening in their network. If those things happen, then a business should get involved.

Remember engaging in social media should be a strategic decision. My advice is to sit back, watch, listen and wait. If your business will benefit from Google+ there will be a lot of last boarding calls before the bandwagon leaves the station.

Is your company jumping into Google Plus? Do you think privacy should be a concern as a user?

Reference: Google Plus – Is Privacy an Issue?

2 comments on “Biz Beware of the Google Plus Bandwagon

  1. knighttest
    September 27, 2011

    Great post KBC. I agree that a decision to use a social platform should be strategic. We need to know what to expect from our marketing endeavors. I signed up for google + but have yet to use it. However, I do find it interesting that the new Facebook set up resembles the circle philosophy of google+. Since the new FB settings were implemented, I have had to set up friends lists in order to see all the comments.

    • kbconway
      September 28, 2011

      I agree about FB resembling circles. If FB isn’t careful they just might pull a “new coke.”

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