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Prediction Alert: The Convergence of Online & Mobile Media

Mobile Media is not new, but it is growing. Mobile applications are primarily used by consumers for games, news and entertainment, but the percentage of people that are beginning to use them for banking, business and productivity is growing at an exponential rate.

Some mobile statistics information is listed below:

At a recent Social Media Charlotte Breakfast Jeff Griffin, Vice President of Mobile Application Development at Bank of American, made a not surprising but profound observation, “Mobile banking will surpass online banking for BofA in approximately 5 years.”

What Griffin succinctly summed up is what most people in the room were already thinking. Mobile is becoming the new web.

The question is how will technology and development converge to allow consumers to have similar experiences?

Griffin believes that there will be a prioritization of web and mobile features in effect “dumbing down” the current website structure.

Nicole Warshuer, the Charlotte Community & Marketing Manager at, said that they would always have a web presence because their website is where they make their ad revenues. It wouldn’t be a smart business decision to go completely mobile for Yelp.

In my opinion, Griffin is obviously ahead of the curve on this question. Consumers continue to want more access, functionality and they want it at the most convenient times possible for them. This inherently takes any marketing and communication strategy into a mobile arena. If marketers and businesses don’t begin figuring out how their companies can function in the mobile space they will start to lose customers who don’t want to be forced to a website where they have to pinch, scroll, peck, and squint to receive the information they need. (Let’s not forget – oops your plugin is not working)

Fran Jeanes, Owner of Mobile Marketing Max, believes that mobile websites are sometimes the happy medium between apps and the traditional website for her clients.

As the convergence of mobile and online media begins to occur I think we will see Jeanes & Griffins’ predictions occur and merge. Companies that did not have mobile websites will begin to invest in developing mobile sites over traditional websites. These mobile sites will begin to be the basis for mobile applications. Ease of use and functionality, however, will need to be maintained for all media. Additionally, if the company does not make the switch in time to prevent customer attrition they could end up being in trouble.

When do you think the mobile tipping point will occur? Will the web as we know it evolve? What type of development innovation will be necessary in order to maintain functionality and ease of use? Comments encouraged!


6 comments on “Prediction Alert: The Convergence of Online & Mobile Media

  1. Patti
    July 21, 2011

    Very succinct recap of this morning’s breakfast, KCB1! And very quickly written!. Did you whip out this article while sitting in your car after #smclt? 😉

    • kbconway
      July 21, 2011

      Thanks for the comment MRS. Patti P. I didn’t write it in my car, but I wanted to get my thoughts down quickly. If I don’t they might disappear 😛

  2. Nicole Warshauer
    July 21, 2011

    Definitely interesting fodder for thought, Kristen. I imagine for many sites, depending on their customer base, marketing plans and overall revenue streams, mobile will be just as critical as maintaining a focused website.

    For Yelp, both opportunities to interact with our customers are paramount to our future success. As long as we stay on course with our main goal of connecting people with great local businesses, both mobile and website will continue to be critical focuses. Great post!

    • kbconway
      July 21, 2011

      Nicole – thank you for comment. It is so interesting to be a part of this exciting time in communication trying to figure out how it is moving. I think in the end it will surprise us all!

  3. Fran Jeanes
    July 21, 2011

    Wow, you are fast! Great post. I thoroughly enjoyed the SMCLT event this morning – my first. 🙂

    • kbconway
      July 21, 2011

      Thanks Fran! I appreciate the comment and your insight. Hope to see you again.

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