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Dirty Hands = Innovative Light Blub

Have you ever been struggling with trying to find an innovative solution to a problem that was hindering your progress?  Boy, do I know the feeling. It can be frustrating when there appears to be no good solution.

Recently, I was reminded of a very important less. Sometimes, the best way to fix a problem is to dig, get your hands dirty and if necessary take the scenic (ie: long) route.

Admittedly, it has been a while since I helped verify data in our CRM system. My team does a great job, but the task we were undertaking was too large for just a few people so we split the list up by each person; boss included.

As I started the laborious processes of verifying each record, one-by-one, I just couldn’t fathom that there wasn’t a better way. The problem for us is that there are so many external agencies and variables involved. So in the past, it was agreed that the laborious way was the only accurate way.

Insert light bulb. The idea that we could potentially receive a download of information from external agencies, assuming they will provide us the file, and create a hierarchical lookup process hit me. Will it work? Hopefully, I need to explore it a little more to know for sure.

Regardless the lesson is that digging in, getting your hands dirty and ultimately taking the long road can often help you find innovative and creative solutions to improve your business. If it works, our CRM (customer relations management system) will be better for it. If it doesn’t at least I have got myself thinking.

One other perk – my team is excited. By me being a part of the solution, instead of pawning of the dirty work off on them, they feel like we are all working toward a common goal and that every process we work on is important. You know what… they are right!

Have you ever gotten your hands dirty in order to innovate? Let’s learn from each other. Share your stories.


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