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Is Social Media Creating A New Category of Communication? YES!

There are many forms of relational communication: interpersonal, romantic, friendship…. However, as social media tools evolve they are creating a new form of relational communication because they increase our ability to create meaningful interactions with people that share similar experiences. Social media serves as the conduit for this new type of communication – allowing us to connect with people all across the globe.

In my opinion, this form of communication resides before friendship and interpersonal relationships, but is deeper than a mere acquaintance. It ultimately needs face-to-face connection in order to blossom and thrive, but it is a valuable communication method to receive information and start the process of making some lasting connections.

The below free verse poem was written for a class I am taking regarding creativity and innovation. My goal for the project was to immerse myself in this amazing technology in ways that I had not thought about before. The outcome was that I grew networks that were important to me and increased the conversations I was having by providing useful information in a non promotional fashion.

I am not sure that there is a valid way to tie this meaningful interaction to the bottom line of an ROI model. Marketers and PR agencies are struggling with how to measure the impact of social media because not every social media win ties directly to a lead and a sale. However, what I do know for sure is that if companies can use social media tools to have meaningful conversations and share valuable information with their current/potential customers ROI will be the result.  So bring on comprehensive and interactive communication programs Marcom teams. The companies that learn to succeed in this new space will be the companies that thrive!

Pew Research Center’s Latest Study on Growth & Proliferation of Social Networking Sites

What is your opinion? Do you think social media is creating a different form of communication? How does sharing meaningful content increase your ROI? Love to learn from you…

Social-ME-dia No More
Inter  Net
Need connection
Social-ME-dia is my drug of choice
Must check twitter
Watch views, clicks climb
Write captivating blog post headline
I cannot disengage
I will miss vital information important to my existence
Important to my self definition
As a communicator,
A marketer
A technologically savvy worker?
But, the more I connect the more failure I feel
Not retweeted as much as @jamescshoff
Not as funny as @king_one
My mind is not an encyclopedia of cool statistics like @owenshill
And my blog has less views then the slassy world or Louisville
So I disengage
Fear creates disconnect
And in the disconnection occurs realization
The failure of analytics drives the success of meaning
Networks have grown, conversations have increased
Found are meaningful relationships with interesting people across the globe
Success is relative
Social-ME-dia no more

4 comments on “Is Social Media Creating A New Category of Communication? YES!

  1. Jeff King
    June 28, 2011

    Again, I can’t stress how much your presentation ROCKED! We couldn’t figure out why you were nervous before class started, especially since every presentation you’ve given in class has been awesome. It took a ton of courage and you absolutely nailed it. So glad you decided to go through with it.

  2. kenyonstanley
    June 28, 2011

    I was real disappointed that I couldn’t skype into class in time to see your presentation. However, judging by Jeff’s comment and what I know to be true about you….I know it was fantastic. Love your poem, love your blog and I love experiencing the journey of grad school with you.

  3. kwgregory
    June 29, 2011

    Kristen, I thought your presentation and poem were amazing! You blog posts are so insightful, and what I like the most is the way you view the world through such a holistic lens. You are able to “aggregate” so many seemingly disparate elements of organizational life and social media into a discussion that shows us their significance to our lives and work. Well done!

  4. jcshoff
    June 30, 2011

    Like the other comments, your presentation of the above poem (rap) was great, clever, and insightful. You took communication to a different level and got your point across, that’s what its all about. As to the connectivity of social “me”dia, I would have never guessed how much I have learned to appreciate it. One year ago, I had never logged on to anything other than traditional and business “Bloomberg”. I saw the power of Bloomberg started years ago (1980’s) but never really thought about it in the sense of community and connectivity. I do now. Please keep making us think in new ways.

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