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Call to Lazy Marketers – Defend Your Craft

It is time to stop the woe is me attitude regarding your leaderships lack of support. Stand up. Fight. Sure most marketing departments are under appreciated, underfunded, under staffed, but that is what is so important about your job. You need to be making recommendations to your executive team. When I talk to other companies and even departments within my own company I hear a lot of stories about how the C-Suite is holding them back. Let’s flip the switch. Maybe you are holding your department back. You won’t always win the battle, but at least jump in and wage the war. Whatever you are passionate about be it starting a social media initiative, defining your branding, increasing your leads through advertising, ect… Sell your ideas to your C-Suite by:

1. Create a compelling strategy

  • Define the Objective or Goal
  • Develop the Idea
  • Outline the Tactics
  • Generate a Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Discuss What Success Looks Like
  • Create Measurements of Success

2. Create a polished presentation of your strategy. Some ideas include:

  • Use black design boards to frame your ad concepts
  • Use Prezi ( to present your ideas in new ways
  • Create interactive proposals online and link to examples – there are some online tools specific for this task but don’t be afraid to use a blog tool like wordpress to create your own.

3. Follow Up – If you, the company marketing expert, aren’t passionate about your idea making a difference for your business your C-Suite definitely won’t be excited either.

How do you differentiate your ideas? Is there a great marketing strategy you fought for and won? If so what did you do to create your own success? Are there tools that would help others? Let us know.


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