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Bored to Tears; Repurposing Content Gone Too Far

Lately, I have seen a trend in online content. It is constantly being reused. Websites I use to enjoy are starting to bore me to tears. Even has reporters writing stories about the same events. Not to mention brands that consistently send me the same content over and over again via email. I am not calling anyone out…Weight Watchers.

Please don’t misunderstand; integrated content across multiple mediums is an excellent marcom strategy. Furthermore, using old content that has never seen the LED of a computer screen is just being smart. However, to consistently retool and reuse online content is not just boring it is an online kiss of death to your web, blog, Facebook & Twitter traffic.

I can already hear the excuses. We are short staffed, senior management wants so many posts a month, etc… The best communication plan is one that is well, planned. Unique, valuable content is more important than hitting a post number. If content ideas are short, link to another sites’ brilliant posts. By doing this you will be seen as a connector of people to information. This status will increase your web traffic, your conversion and your revenue. In the interim it will also win you some key blogger allies.  However, to continually bore your audience with the same, tired content will eventually backfire. So be creative, be unique, be a connector or… DON’T POST AT ALL!

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